Yacht Tender Match was founded by experienced marine professionals who specialize in the field of yacht tender management, personal watercraft selection, rigid inflatable boat (RIB) placement, safety and handling.

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Over the years, UMT International has provided customers with advice and solutions regarding the right lifting system for client's new yacht tenders and personal watercrafts. In response to the question of "the right tender for my yacht or personal watercraft", UMT International collaborated in creating an information portal to answer that question.

As boats have become larger over the years so has the popularity and physical dimensions of the tenders Ribs (rigid inflatable boat). This situation has created a challenge for yacht owners to find the appropriate tender.

Our goal at YTM is to serve as an independent and unbiased resource that promises to provide a simple and accurate answer to which of the inflatable boats best suits your particular situation.

Yacht Tender Match is able to provide you with all the information you need to ensure a smooth and successful choice of Tender as well as the correct davit and installation and also inflatable rafts with installation to provide you with safe operation for your boating pleasure. Our easy and simple yacht tender match tool only takes seconds to fill out with no strings attached for our free expert advice Once you have submitted your request, one of our skilled representatives will send you a response within 24 hours.